Super Bowl Sunday

At 6:25 p.m. on Sunday, February 2, the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks will kickoff and fight for a Super Bowl Championship. Millions of people will be tuned into this game watching these two teams battle it out. Yes, some of these people actually care about the game, but most are watching the Super Bowl solely for the commercials. The Super Bowl is known as the advertising industries “biggest stage.” These advertisements during the Super Bowl averaged around $4 million for 30 seconds of ad time according to Ad Age. Media buyers are in high competition to be seen on the big screen during this game because of the extremely high number of viewers. In past years, “100 million people have tuned into the game, making it one of the most watched events in the country’s TV history” (ABC News). Many companies are trying to get people hyped about the ads. Anheuser Bush even previewed their ads aboard a cruise ship. On another note, Ad Age has a “living chart” of the ad buys. Ad Age has been continuously updating the commercials that will be played during the Super Bowl, with information about the buy, the creative, and the agency. Anheuser- Bush (as mentioned earlier), Beats Music, Audi of America, Coca Cola, and H&M are just a few of the brands that will be shown. Surprisingly, E-Trade did not buy an ad spot during this year’s game, which has shocked many because this company always buys a Super Bowl ad. I previewed some of the ads that will be played during the game and I was extremely surprised that Cheerios decided to use their advertisement depicting a multiracial family because of problems it provoked before with racist comments. I think the “Budweiser: Puppy Love” ad will have the greatest impact on the Super Bowl audience because who doesn’t love a puppy? But also, the ad is very sentimental and will strike the audiences pathos. Personally, I do not think the Oikos (Dannon) will have a lasting impact on the audience. I feel like they took the concept of “fueling your pleasure” too far with a yogurt product. They should have made it more humorous rather than sexual. Here is a link to both the “Budweiser: Puppy Love” ad, as well as the “Oikos” ad: After watching the commercials, I perused the scheduling information on the Ad Age website. I found it extremely interesting how organized and detailed the scheduling of commercials is planned throughout the night. For example, Ad Age claims that Audi Of America stated that they bought “one 60-second Super Bowl commercial in the first ad break after the third-quarter kick off.” It does not get more specific and well planned than that. Although these commercials are on such a tight schedule, it may not always go as planned and Super Bowl advertisers are well aware of this. Either Super Bowl ads are a huge hit with a lasting impact or a big disappointment with money wasted. After researching information on the Super Bowl commercials, I am excited to watch the commercials and received feedback on the advertisements that everyone loved and the advertisements that everyone hated.

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