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Thanks to todays modern technology, the fan and team experience at sporting events has changed and evolved into something entirely new. With the new app created from the partnership of Pointstreak and Appetize, sells 50/50 tickets through mobile devices.  Pointstreak sells raffle tickets on behalf of its clients at sports events, and the winning ticket holder in the crowd splits the money equally with a charity.

Another new technological innovation in the world of sports is the software called Teamworks. The College Football Playoff will use this software to communicate with the four teams once they are selected. Teamworks will establish a password-protected website where Brock or anyone from the CFP can post a message about a press conference, team party or any other type of scheduling notice. Those messages will be directed to each team’s director of football operations and any other administrator who needs to be in the loop. The message is delivered via text, email and/or push notification. The recipient can determine how the message is received. The team officials then relay the information to the rest of the team. The main purpose of Teamworks will really come into play between the semifinals and the championship game. Schools are used to preparing for a bowl game. They’re not used to the kind of turnaround we’ll see for the championship game.  It creates huge efficiencies. You can also tell who opened the message, so it eliminates the “I didn’t know” excuse.

In addition to this new technology, more than 20 colleges have rolled out a new social media tool that gathers photos and instantly displays them online and at football games. Using a software platform from Spredfast, a social marketing and technology company, the schools use hashtags to identify photos and flash them on the video boards inside their stadiums. The photos mostly come from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and include the text that accompanied the post. The University of Wisconsin is one school that jumped on board this year. The school installed Wi-Fi in Camp Randall Stadium this season for just this kind of fan engagement. The school uses the Spredfast platform to seek out photos and other social chatter marked with #Badgers and displays them on the video board in the stadium or the 700 TVs throughout the concourse and premium areas.  Beyond entertaining the fans with photos, Wisconsin has found it to be a revenue stream as well. The school’s multimedia rights partner, Learfield Sports, sold a deal to Wisconsin Iron Workers Local 383 to sponsor the Ironman of the Game, a postgame poll that tracks votes on social media for the player who best fits the Ironman label. The fan photo displays on the video boards are sponsored by Geico and Johnsonville. Photos appear on the video board once per quarter. Each sponsor has its branding attached to the photos for a half. Learfield sold those deals as well.

These new technological advances are changing the way we interact with our favorite teams and how they are interacting during games. With social media and phone applications burgeoning, it’s no wonder that the world of sports is getting in on the trend.

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