The Chubb Post

For my blog post this week I wanted to take a look at the UGA Football season.  I know that all the news has been on the two bad losses we have and on the news of Todd Gurley taking money for signing autographs.  I know it has not been lost on everyone, but I do not think that Nick Chubb has garnered enough respect.  Last night while I was sitting in the game I, along with everyone, else was pumped to have Gurley back.  I mean who doesn’t want to have the best player in country back on their side for the biggest game of the season?  It became apparent to me really quickly though how under appreciated we have been of Chubb.  People were mad that Gurley was not starting, but didn’t Chubb deserve that honor after all the work he has put in the last four games.  I mean he has literally carried us on offense even against Florida.  It was like people completely forgot about that.

I do understand that people love Gurley and he is the hype guy and was the Heisman candidate, but if Chubb had been getting the same carries from the beginning of the season he would be in Heisman talks as well.  What I have liked the most with Nick Chubb is that he has just gone about his business.  He hasn’t had any resentment that people have viewed him as the plug in.  He has also been very humble in the work he has put in.

Nick reminds me a lot of Mark Richt in his mannerisms and how he has carried himself.  He just toes the company line and gets to work.  I think a lot of the work he has put in was rewarded last night.  When you take a closer look at the game you can see that it was Nick Chubb who was in the game at the key moments.  He picked up some of the biggest yards for the Dawgs.  He is also a real pleasure to watch.  The way he carries the ball is a lot different that Gurley.  He is a very balanced runner who has great speed and great lateral movement.  He can avoid would be tacklers, but also welcome some contact it is a lot of fun to watch.  These carries and the work he getting to do in the shadow of Gurley right now will pay dividends in the future.  He will know how to handle the spotlight next year and he will know what it is like to have success and hopefully how to deal with it.

I think after last night games the Nick Chubb will have the full respect of a lot more Dawg fans and with that being said I also think the country will have more respect for him.  They all watch to see the return of Todd Gurley, but it may have been a true coming out party for Chubb.  He is a great talent and I hope he is out of Gurley’s shadow because he may be just as good one day.



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