The meaning of a Championship

By Michael Ruskell

To be a champion is a truly unique thing. To be a champion is to be the unquestioned best at a moment in time, and to be a champion is permanent. Perhaps it is this feeling of permanence that makes being a champion so satisfying. It is an accomplishment that can never be removed from a resume, no matter the future happenings. On Saturday, the University of Georgia will play in the SEC Championship football game with a possibility of qualifying for the national championship game should they prove victorious. As a student at the Athens campus for the University of Georgia, let me attempt to convey the frenzy that the town and school have been whipped into with all this talk of championships. It is not a mere topic of discussion, it is the topic of discussion. Typically, this time of year consists of conversations ranging from dread of final exams to glee for Christmas break. This year, those conversations are hastily ignored in favor of conversations concerning Aaron Murray’s record against top 25 teams and Alabama’s perceived invincibility. Nothing else matters. The University of Georgia is a proud football program with a long list of accomplishments that most schools only dream of, but even the rich pedigree of Bulldawg Nation senses the urgency of the moment. It is as if every member of this institution is suiting up to play in the Georgia Dome on Saturday evening. The level of tension is one that I have never experienced before, and this being my final college year, will never experience again. In the library, people turn away from their books and onto their motivational clips courtesy of YouTube. The entire campus is buzzing. The entire state is anxious.

It is likely hard to understand from an outside perspective. After all, when I remove the insane man screaming constantly inside my brain “Go Dawgs”, I do realize it is a mere football game and this should not affect my happiness. But it does. It does more than I care to share. An opportunity like this presents itself to the town of Athens and the Bulldawg faithful as a soulmate, an incredible, unmatched lover. It is well known that soul mates do not grow on trees, and to lose one is to lose something so precious that it can never be replaced. This season represents that precious moment. It takes so many moving variables to reach a championship, that one misplaced cog sends the entire operation into the dirt. I will not concentrate on school work this week. Heck, I am surprised that I was able to write this blog post. Had it not been Bulldawg related, perhaps I may not have. Such is my current infatuation, and the infatuation of my peers. The Bulldawgs of my heart have a chance for a national championship. That lasts forever. Go Dawgs!



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