The Michael Vick Show

By David Finder

Amongst the teams underachieving in the NFC East, the Eagles seem to be doing the best job at it. With a loss to New Orleans last night, the Philadelphia Eagles are tied for second to last in their division (or second, whichever way you prefer to look at it), but now ride a four game losing streak going into next weekend. With a Minus-50 point differential, the Eagles find themselves in last place in the NFC in the category, and are on track to have another year of shortcomings. With a record of 3-5, the Eagles still have a chance at making the playoffs in the Wildcard and can even overtake New York by the end of the season, but have a huge ladder to climb with 5 division games remaining.

The two-time $100 Million-Man is simply underachieving

Of the most striking issues that plagues the Eagles are their turnovers. Quarterback Michael Vick has committed 14 by himself and is in 3rd in turnovers in the league, and the Eagles lead the league in turnovers in the Red Zone. As if 98-yard pick-sixes aren’t enough, it’s the hits that Vick has been taking that make the Eagles look like a team ready to roll over and die. In Monday’s game against the weak New Orleans defense, the Offensive Line for the Eagles allowed pass rushing on 34% of Vick’s throws yesterday, and Vick took some brutal hits as he was sacked for a career high of seven times.

The Eagles are poised to be the biggest disappointment in the NFL this year, and unless they can recover in the second half of the season, they will continue to astonish those who thought of them as a contender this year.

The NFC East this year has been an all-around disappointment. In Washington, too much pressure is being placed on the rookie speedsters Robert Griffin III & Alfred Morris, and the lack of defense in D.C. is as close to that in the War of 1812 (where the British walked into D.C. and torched the city, the only time the Capital has been invaded). The Cowboys, as injury-plagued as they are, are not looking so sharp either, with a record of 3-5 and a Tony Romo whom leads the league in turnovers. The Giants seem to be the only bright spot in the division, holding the only winning record through mid-season in the East, but have not performed well outside of the division, illustrated in their 4th quarter flop against Pittsburgh on Sunday.

At least Coach Andy Reid is supporting his team, publicly saying that the Eagles are capable of turning their horrendous season around. If they are too do this, they need to come up with a recipe to win. They need better pass protection for Michael Vick (their run game with LeSean McCoy isn’t too bad), a defense that can make plays, turn the ball over, and stop the other team from putting up 40 points a game, and they need Vick to play lights-out circa 2010. As much as I like seeing the Eagles fail, they are an embarrassment to the greatest division in the NFL (with 11 Superbowl wins) and if they really want to win their first title within the next decade, they need to address their problems in the next few weeks.



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