The New Braves Stadium: a Good or Bad idea?

Turner Field is a baseball park located in Atlanta, Georgia and has been home to Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the Atlanta Braves since 1997. Turner Field, formally known as Centennial Olympic Stadium was used for many of the the 1996 Olympic events. The “Braves” name originated in 1912 and means Native American warrior. They are nicknamed “the Bravos”, and often referred to as “America’s Team” because the team’s games were broadcasted on the nationally available TBS from the 1970s until 2007, giving the team such a wide fan base.
The stadium was named Turner Field after then Braves owner Ted Turner. Turner Field has been the site of so many fascinating moments in history, Including: On April 4, 1997,(opening night) the Atlanta Braves defeated the Chicago Cubs, 5-4 selling out to a crowd of 45,044 occupants, Turner Field replaced Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium, once the home of both the Braves and the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons, who moved to the Georgia Dome in 1992, and, on April 8, 1974 Hank Aaron’s epic 715th career home run, the one that eclipsed Babe Ruth’s hallowed record of 714, went down in history at none other than what is now known as Turner Field.
Shockingly on November 11, 2013 The Atlanta Braves announced they will be leaving Turner Field for a new stadium, holding about 42,000 occupants, costing an estimated $672 million dollars, and moving to none other than Cobb County Marietta (if you have ever seen a map of Atlanta, you may recognize Cobb County not even being located in Atlanta). The move is occasioned by the end their 20 year lease agreement for Turner Field, which expires at the end of the 2016 season. Another reason why the Atlanta Braves are moving is because Turner field is a bit big and the Braves do not attract enough of a crowd.
Now at this point you have read the facts, Turner Field holds some outstanding historical records and a couple of reasons why The Atlanta Braves should move to Cobb County. I decided to ask two people I know personally their stances on the Atlanta, Braves moving to Cobb County Marietta. I asked Will Middour, a Georgia Southern baseball player, Andy Threatt, a worker for a company called Pitching for Excellence. I asked two questions “what do you believe are the pro’s and cons for the Atlanta Braves to move to a new stadium in Cobb County” (many answers are alike but neither consulted with the other before answering my question) and I also asked both Threatt and Middour what their overall stance is on the new stadium: a good thing or a bad thing.

What do you Believe are some pros and cons to the new Braves stadium?
“better revenue because it’s a smaller stadium which means more game will be sold out and the ticket prices will go up.” -Threatt

“Everything around the new stadium will be owned by the braves so all of that money will go to them which will increase team worth and payroll.” -Middour

“The braves get a brand new stadium and there are new bars which provide tailgating activities and post game night life.” -Middour

“The new location” -Threatt
“The lack of Transportation to and from games”- Threatt
“Not as much meaning at a new stadium as there was at Turner Field”- Threatt
“And the new stadium is not even in Atlanta!” -Threatt
“The people inside the perimeter aren’t going to go to the new stadium.” -Middour
“The Stadium isn’t in Altanta” -Middour
“ The old stadium is still fairly new so it’s a huge waste of money”- Middour
What is your overall stance on the new stadium, good or bad? Will you be attending any of the games?
“Probably, but not nearly as many as before.”- Threatt
“I don’t like it at all because it’s not as close to my house [in Decatur] You can’t tailgate like we used too.They want you to go in and pay more money to them at their bars to pregame. I’m not driving 45 minutes to sit next to fat Cobb county rednecks.” -Middour

After reading these quotes and hearing a couple of stances on the new stadium it seems as if Atlanta Natives are quite unhappy about the move. I did not get a chance to interview anyone from Cobb County to hear their views, but I am sure they differ slightly, after hearing these comments, I do plan on continuing to ask people their views on the new stadium.

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