Third Time’s the Charm

This Saturday the Tide will roll into Athens for the first time since September 27, 2008 and the tension is going to be high. This will be the biggest game Sanford Stadium has seen all year. In 2008, Alabama came in as number 8 and completely demolished number 3 Georgia during a “blackout” that Georgia had staged. Alabama scored 31 points in the first half of the game. The Bulldogs did finally get on the scoreboard during the second half, but it still wasn’t enough to leave with a win.


On top of that, Georgia suffered a heartbreaking loss against Alabama during the SEC Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta in 2012. The clock ran out with the Bulldogs only a measly 5 yards from a touchdown. The Bulldogs were unable to set up another play before the clock hit zero. As soon as Nick Saban walked onto the field, every Georgia fan was in disbelief at what they had just witnessed. AJ McCarron threw a 45-yard touchdown pass to Amari Copper with only 3:15 remaining in the 4th quarter. The Bulldogs were only 5 yards from a SEC Championship. The final score was 32-28, and that scoreboard haunts every Georgia player and fan. To say the very least, this year, Georgia wants to prove that they are the powerhouse of the SEC.


Alabama was recently surprised by the 43-37 loss to Ole Miss in Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday, September 18th. This was the first time in history that Ole Miss had ever beat Alabama in back to back years. The loss dropped Alabama from number 2 to number 13 in the AP poll, while Ole Miss jumped from number 15 to number 3. This loss has prompted odd makers to install Alabama as the underdog for the game this Saturday. What week 3 taught us is that Alabama may not be the powerhouse this year everyone expected.

Alabama has remained the top dog in the SEC for the past several years. Some may say Alabama’s winning streak the past few years is due to good luck. For example, Alabama got a second chance against LSU in 2011 and then went all the way to win the BCS National Championship. A year later Alabama lost to new member of the SEC Texas A&M and the new quarterback sensation Johnny Manziel, but still landed in the BCS National Championship because of an unexpected loss by both number 1 Oregon and number 2 Kansas State. Although the Tide has had their fair share of luck in the past few years, you cannot deny that the reason Alabama always lands where they do is because of the talent Nick Saban adds to his team every year and Nick Saban himself. The Alabama football program made a huge turn for the better when Saban arrived and they have not looked back since.

This is the first tough SEC component the Georgia Bulldogs will face in Sanford Stadium this year. This weekend will be a test for both Georgia and Alabama. It’s up to Mark Richt and the running game of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel if they will allow history to repeat itself, and Nick Saban and Derrick Henry if their past successful match Henry if their past successful match-ups with Georgia will define their season.

Derrick Henry vs. Nick Chubb


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