Tiger Woods and the Presidents Cup

Tiger Woods. When most people hear this name, it’s either a love or a hate response. To be honest, I never had a problem with Tiger Woods until his whole mistress scandal, but this issue has definitely blown over in the past year. He still has an enormous fan base, and people still continue to watch him play golf on a daily basis. I know my dad will always turn on the television to see Tiger play. This past Sunday, Tiger helped the United States win the Presidents Cup, which was held in Dublin, Ohio at the Muirfield Village Golf Club. It didn’t seem as if the United States had a chance until Tiger stepped up. He defeated Richard Sterne from South Africa to take home the title. Paired with his partner, Matt Kuchar, Tiger earned the clinching point for the third consecutive Presidents Cup. This is the “most of any player.” Woods commented, “To have the opportunity to win the Cup for (captain) Freddie (Couples) and all the guys on the team, it means a lot to me.”

tiger woodshttp://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/06/sport/golf/tiger-woods-presidents-cup-golf/index.html?hpt=isp_c1


The United States has won the Presidents Cup since 2000. But, the Americans are going to switch it up with a new captain due to the fact that Fred Couples will be stepping down. The U.S. has won the past three events with Couples as captain. Throughout the match, Couples said that he wasn’t nervous, but continued to text his assistant captain Jay Haas and Davis Love III about finding the final and fourth point the United States needed to win. The anxiety finally ended when Woods won his match. Woods is a key player within the matches as he has “won 13 of the 29 Ryder Cup matches.” In addition, he has been the key component in their victories against the International teams. Woods commented that it was a “team effort,” and that it “feels good.” What interested me the most about this was that Woods was playing with a back problem, but he continued to push through it, and ended up with the victory. He wasn’t feeling well throughout the entire match, and honestly just didn’t want to be there.



The conditions at the event weren’t the best either. The course was extremely “waterlogged” with up to two inches of rainfall during the four days of the competition, and this definitely added to the difficulty of this match. It was commented that the players had to play three matches within one day. In addition, there were even suspensions of play for up to five hours.  I know this must have been extremely tough for everyone involved, but the United States pulled through! This is a great improvement from the Ryder Cup last year. Couples stated, “Last year still stings,” about the devastating loss. The next Ryders Cup is in Scotland next September, while the next Presidents Cup is going to be held at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in Incheon, South Korea. I am excited to see the outcomes of these two events, and hopefully the United States can push through once again, and bring home that victory.







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