Tiger Woods back at #1

By Maggie Heintzman

Over the past three years, Tiger Woods has had his fair share of negative media coverage, and some might say rightly so. In October, 2010, an argument with his wife turned public and left the media in a frenzy, exposing the fact that Woods had been having multiple, ongoing extramarital affairs. After endless negative media coverage, some thought Woods’ career was on its way out the door. However, his persistence, drive and ultimately, his talent has allowed Woods to regain the title of world’s best golfer.

In celebration of Woods’ new title, Nike released an ad on their social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), which features a picture of Woods with the caption “Winning Takes Care of Everything.” Critics have argued that this caption is flippant when taken in the context of his infidelity back in 2010; however, in response to these claims Nike released a statement saying that Woods has always been about winning. Nike went on to argue that the featured statement is strictly in regards to Woods’ professional golf career and that it was referencing the fact that winning is the reason behind Woods being named world’s best golfer.

Woods has come a long way since that day back in October 2010, both professionally and personally. For quite some time now, Woods has been linked to Olympic ski champion, Lindsey Vonn. However, without a confirmation from Woods’ camp, reports have remained as mere speculation, that is, until recently.

This week, Woods publically announced his relationship with Lindsey Vonn, and both Woods and Vonn posted pictures of the two of them on their respective Facebook accounts. Woods says the reason for this was to “prevent the stalk-a-razzi” and to “ruin the paparazzi payday” that the first photos of the two of them would bring. Woods states that his decision to publically announce his relationship, ahead of the media, was in an effort to protect his children, first and foremost, since the paparazzi have previously endangered his children just to get pictures, Woods says. And ultimately, it was in an effort to protect his private life, and it seems that his approach did just that.

Some experts estimated that initial photos of Woods and Vonn would carry a $500K price tag, and the fact that Woods and Vonn have released the photos on their social media accounts will in essence “ruin that payday.” Does this mean that Woods will be more open about his personal life in the future? Hardly. But it does seem that Woods announcing his monogamous relationship publically could be a step towards cleaning up his tarnished image.

Woods is named the world’s best golfer just in time for the Masters tournament that is coming up in a few weeks where Woods will try to end his five-year drought in the majors. Ultimately, only time will tell if Woods is in fact on the road to recovery when it comes to both his professional life and his personal life, but his regained title of world’s number one golfer has definitely helped him in the right direction.


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