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pay for playMany different stories have all stirred the debate as to whether college athletes should get paid, or at least be able to profit from signed memorabilia. One of the most popular athletes currently in the news, Johnny Manizel, quarterback from Texas A&M, is currently under investigation by the NCAA for getting paid to autograph a variety of items such as helmets and jerseys. Why is this Heisman Trophy winner not able to make a profit from a brand that he essentially created for himself? What real harm arises from accepting money for a seemingly simplistic, yet potentially meaning autograph?
Hitting closer to home, the University of Georgia’s very own AJ Green was initially suspended for four games after admitting to selling his 2009 Independence Bowl jersey to a former University of North Carolina defensive back who was allegedly reported to be an agent. Athletes are in danger of encountering possible injuries when they choose to play for their college. Basketball player Kevin Ware from Louisville suffered a broken leg during the NCAA tournament. By playing in college he gave away years of “free playing.” Because of this injury, it is likely for it to flare up at any time in which case his professional career may be hindered. While the athletes themselves are making a name for their team and a profit for their school, they are unable to profit from it themselves. The NCAA profits by selling shirts and various other items with the athletes names on them and makes a huge profit. Schools especially with good football programs make a ton of money from the team itself. How is it fair that all the profit seems to go to everyone BUT the one actually putting in all the hard work-the athlete himself?
According to an article from the Wall Street Journal, under coach Mark Richt, the UGA football team ranked number 7 in the BCS for total revenue generated. With an estimated value of $481.8 million, UGA was third-highest in the SEC to Florida and Auburn, respectively. In 2013 the SEC revenue hit an all-time record high and in return, each school received $20.7 million. With this much revenue being hauled in by the colleges, the players should certainly see more compensation for their hard word, countless training hours, and reward for their love of the sport.
I 100% believe that if a team wins a National Championship title, that they should receive some kind of compensation. Take the UGA Women’s swimming and diving team for example. They won the 2013 National Championship title after a close battle with 3 time defending champion, University of California. Not to mention, they won the Southeastern Conference Championship that was held at Texas A&M, as well. If thinking some monetary reward for this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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