UGA vs. TRASH: The Wrecking of Georgia’s Campus


Game Day’s in Athens are beyond memorable. The love and the pride for the Bulldawg nation is like no other. However, as the team wrecks the opponents on the field, so is the campus by the students and visitors. It’s reported that 70 tons of trash are left after game days. The once pristine and lovely campus of the University of Georgia is turned to a landfill before dusk. This is a big problem for UGA.  I believe there are certain ways the athletic department at UGA  could  help decrease the amount of trash by using  student athletes to encourage people to pick up their trash, and aim to create better awareness of game day trash through social media.

Believe it or not, our athletes have a major influence on how students and visitors act on campus. I mean, just look at Todd Gurley. Georgia fans adore him and would be willing take time to listen to what he might say. Why not use that to the Athletics department’s advantage?

By encouraging prominent student athletes to create funny and informational videos on how cleaning up campus helps the team clean out the trash between the hedges. Videos like this would encourage students to take action to keep campus clean on game days. Also, these videos would highlight different teams on campus, and how they are taking strides to better UGA on and off of the field. Positive publicity for these teams on campus will take away from some of the recent mishaps, and help rebuild a positive image towards the athletic department.

While having different athletic teams on campus help promote trash clean up on game days, there is also room for social media to assist with trash awareness and cleanup.  While tailgating or physically in the stadium, people post pictures, tweets, comments—you name it.  This would be the perfect opportunity for them to receive tweet alerts reminding them to pick up their trash. Maybe even have a message from the football team telling them were the nearest trash receptacle is.

Additionally, creating online contests would be very influential.  Even though someone should not need an incentive for picking up their own trash, Instagram and Twitter contests could help reward those who are spotted picking up trash. The contest would be called “Spotted Paws” where individuals would tweet or post a picture on Instagram of themselves and others recycling trash, or acting in a sustainable way at tailgate or at the stadium. The people with the best photos or tweets would be eligible to win a prize such as: getting to sit on the field during half time with the players, taking a photo with a team, or receiving certain Nike apparel. The world we live in is consumed with social media and messages on the go, so why not appeal to these on the go Bulldawg fans?

The University of Georgia is way too beautiful of a campus to be left in such disarray after the game. By gaining the assistance of the athletic teams to help promote tips of reducing trash at tailgates, I believe that there would be a major reduction in the amount of trash. I know that seeing athletes take pride in our school from outside the hedges and actually on campus helping with trash clean up would greatly increase chance for students and visitors to also take care of the campus.  Also, social media can also be key to helping with trash reduction. Game days in Athens are something no one should miss; yet people must realize that we are here to support the Dawgs wrecking the opponents, not our campus.


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