Upcoming NFL Draft

By Kathleen Flood

The 2013 NFL Draft is a little over a month away and professional football will be gaining some incredible talent from the college level athletes advancing to the next level. However, with a hectic and often unpredictable season in college football and an array of scandals involving high profile players along with the changes within current NFL team structures, the projected upcoming draft is constantly changing. The recent scandal revealing Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o was allegedly caught up in an online relationship hoax may be in part responsible for his drop from one of the top ten draft picks during the season to now being expected to be selected much later in the first round or possibly a later round. Alec Ogletree was recently arrested on a DUI charge, although draft predictions prior to his infraction do not reflect any significant change in his circumstance. Although the NFL Combine has been criticized as an over exaggerated and inaccurate means of analyzing players, this event could also factor into changing numbers for the upcoming draft. However, many colleges still have their upcoming Pro Days which will showcase many important athletes who opted out of participating in the Combine or may not have been invited. Although there isn’t one collective draft prediction, most projections place the same players within the top five, top ten, first round, and so on just with varying differences as to the exact position number and team each player will go to.

Fortunately for players such as Te’o and Ogletree, the NFL doesn’t always take personal history or legal background into consideration in regards to the draft, and many individual teams will overlook such situations. These standards combined with the needs of particular teams to fill designated positions may work out in favor of the players seeking an early entry draft pick and also have a less than perfect reputation. The process behind the order and player selections made by each team in the league is very carefully mapped out and planned, yet also constantly changing. When it comes to the NFL Draft, nothing is ever certain or absolutely concrete so players, teams, and other individuals involved must be prepared for any possibility. Players expected to go first round may not be picked until later, he could also go to a completely unexpected team, many things can happen that no one can anticipate, but the ultimate goal is simply to be selected. As a first year player at the professional level, where you end up is not nearly as important as being chosen, and the sooner the better of course.

The NFL Draft is an exciting event for football fans as well as the teams picking up new incoming talent, but for the players transitioning from the college level to professional it is one of the most important and life changing moments of their lives. For these individuals, this is their career and how they will earn a salary, and many elements of the process are out of their hands and simply cannot be anticipated.

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