Video Review, Umpires, and Officials

World Series UmpVideo review has become the normal in the sports world. The tradition of having the human element involved in officiating games has begun to shift more towards a technology driven officiating. With HD TV’s and DVR’s that allow you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward as you wish during a game, the microscope over officials in all sports has grown substantially. WIth this growing microscope over the officiating in the games that we love to watch, the amount of scrutiny, deserved and undeserved, that officials around these leagues are getting is growing as well. Although every once in a while, there is a truly terrible call made in one of these games, what needs to really be looked at is the extremely high percentage of these calls that are actually correct. The players are not the only skilled professionals on the field, I think these referees, officials, and umpires deserve some credit.

It is hard to make correct balls and strikes calls in a Little League Baseball game, so when you really think about it, it takes a tremendous amount of skill to be able to correctly call balls and strikes when the ball is being thrown 95 miles per hour and dropping five feet on curves. To correctly call the amount of calls that these guys do is extremely impressive. I am not saying that i do not like video review, or think that video review should be in sports though. It definitely creates a more just outcome, as well as takes some of the load off of the officials who call these games. However, the amount of criticism that these guys get seems a little bit excessive.

Video review has many positives. It can correct incorrect calls that could change the outcome of a game. I think it definitely has a place in the world of sports, and that it serves a great fall back to make sure calls are correct on the field. Football is the most realistic sport to implement this system, and for that reason, football has the most video review of all sports. Video review in football works in a fairly effective and fair way. Whatever the call is on the field, in order to reversed there must be conclusive video evidence to overturn it. This still leaves a fair bit of the outcome in human hands, and almost always, it turns out correct. However, in some cases, like the  Seattle Seahawks Green Bay Packers game, it can still get botched pretty horribly. So although instant replay can help in most cases to correct calls made on the field, there is definitely still some fallacies in its use.

Sports and officiating cant always be perfect, and someone is always going to lose. Officials in these games, for the most part, do an outstanding job of making calls on plays that happen in a fraction of a second. Part of the tradition of these sports is the Umpires and Officials that make these calls, and I really hope that as technology and sports evolve, we don’t lose that tradition.

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