What Will Happen To Richt?

110215-cfb-Mark-Richt-pi-mp.vadapt.955.high.59Another huge loss is in the books for the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia’s loss against the Florida Gators this past Saturday, October 31, pushes the team even further down in the SEC. The 3-27 defeat UGA suffered last weekend added to other significant losses this season against Alabama and Tennessee.

The Dawgs just can’t seem to get it together. Why is that?

It seems something along these lines happens every year. UGA starts off strong, has a few great games, but can never seem to be consistent. The team suffered unnecessary losses during their 2014 season as well by South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia Tech.

The frequently asked question now is, Will Mark Richt be fired?

There has been a great amount of chatter and rumors regarding this subject, as well as various speculations by the media. According to an article on foxsports.com, some of the Georgia Bulldog’s biggest boosters and sponsors are losing faith in Richt and believe it’s time for the Bulldog Nation to cut its ties with this long-time head coach.

For many college football teams, a change in coaches is not an unfamiliar action, nor would it be an extremely controversial decision if the football team was not performing up to par. However, circumstances are different here in Athens, Georgia.

Mark Richt has been a part of the Bulldog Nation as the head coach since 2001, this year making his fifteenth. Richt has done great things for Georgia football, including two SEC Championship wins, five SEC Eastern Division titles, and as of last year he had one of the top winning percentage among coaches. He has led the Dawgs to a bowl game every year, and has an outstanding number of players that continue on to the NFL.

Not only has Richt contributed to the football program, but he has also rooted himself and his family in Athens and commits to making a difference in the community as well. He raises a Christian family of a wife and four kids (two of which were adopted from Ukraine). The Richt family selflessly serves and gives back in the Athens community.

So, with such a notable and praiseworthy history as the head football coach of UGA and a credible reputation in the Athens community, the idea of firing Richt as the head coach provokes many opinions and controversial debates.

What is the right decision? Will ethics play a part when the decision is being contemplated?

With college football now being a big business, money, fan support, and positivity in the media are crucial for a successful program. Its the driving force of college football.

Unfortunately, if the Georgia Bulldogs can’t pick it up, all factors that contribute to this big business will decline dramatically. And then what? Do you fire Mark Richt, a Georgia football and Athens legend?

Only time will tell. The Bulldogs have two SEC games left this season, Kentucky and Auburn. The team will also face Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech. It is important for Richt to lead his team to win the rest of the games this season in order to maintain and gain back support from boosters and fans.

For more information on Mark Richt’s time at UGA: Mark Richt


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