Why The Giants Will Beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl… Again

Reason #1. Momentum.

The Giants ended the regular season by walloping the Jets and the Cowboys, and they haven’t looked back since. (Link) Since starting 7-7, the GMen have won five straight games and outscored opponents 141-67. As Falcons fans will glumly tell you, getting “hot” at the end of the year is crucial to postseason success, and New York is on fire. (Link) Despite already losing to both Green Bay and San Francisco in agonizing fashion this season, the Giants were able to satisfy their thirst for revenge during the playoffs. From a dominating performance against Atlanta to the overtime victory against the 49ers, New York has won in a variety of ways and amassed impressive statistics.(Link) Everything is coming together for the Giants, and it could not have happened at a better time.

Reason #2. Eli Manning.

Even Giant faithfuls think of him as the “lesser Manning.” The blank stare after incomplete pass is a mild form of torture. Watching Peyton analyze every aspect of the football field makes Eli’s confusion seem all the more inexplicable. Do they not discuss the game at family dinners? Does Archie only offer advice to Peyton? But here is something we need to recognize: Eli is one win away from having more championship rings than his father and brother combined. Lesser Manning? How do you figure? (Link) Peyton is 9-10 in the postseason, while Eli has quietly compiled a 7-3 record. Yes, Peyton is still the Manning mentioned along with the likes of Dan Marino, John Elway and Joe Montana. But when the game is on the line, Eli has proven himself just as capable, if not more so, than his brother. Eli wins in the postseason, and he is having the best run of his career. (Link) John Mara, co-owner of the Giants, has the utmost confidence in his quarterback, and it is not hard to see why. Eli has stepped out of his brother’s shadow and is ready to achieve something Peyton never has: a second Super Bowl title.

Reason #3. History repeats itself. New York’s regular season game this year against the Patriots was enough to prove Eli can still surprise New England on game winning drives. His throw to David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII remains one of the most impressive completions in Super Bowl history. This season, Eli again threw to number 85 (this time Jake Ballard) to beat the Patriots in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. Tom Brady watched from the sidelines in disbelief. In their first Super Bowl matchup, Eli relied on an incredible Giants defense. Now, Eli is the commander of the Giants team. Now, the Giants win games because of Eli. In Foxboro, he put together not one, but two touchdown drives in the final minutes and beat Tom Brady at his own game. (Link) The Patriots have not lost a game since. The 2008 Super Bowl remains Brady’s only loss in the championship game. He undoubtedly will enter the contest in Indianapolis with a chip on his shoulder. Luckily for Giants fans, New York has his number. In addition to proving Eli’s comeback capability, the match in Foxboro serves as another reassuring point for New York: the Giants are 3-0 in the Super Bowl when facing a team they saw during the regular season. Bring on the rematch.

Reason #4. Tom Coughlin does not wear cut-off hoodies on the sideline.

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