Will Colts Have Any “Luck” This Season?

Samantha Jones


Peyton is throwing fine, he isn’t throwing fine. There are reports of both circulating and with Peyton a free agent this could cause a bit of a gamble this season. It is not surprising that the Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has his eye on a certain highly ranked quarterback for this year’s draft. Irsay is hoping to secure a sure thing so he can get back to the Super Bowl.

Andrew Luck is entering this year’s NFL draft as the No. 1 draft. He has been All-American and a candidate for the Heisman. With the numbers that Luck puts up its no surprise he is the apple of several pairs of eyes. But since the Colts hosted the Super Bowl they have first pick this draft and their quarterback is in a questionable position with recovery from a surgery.  Most have no doubt that Luck will do fine with the adjustment to the NFL and have even went as far to speculate that he could have at least as good a first season as the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton. Newton, whose team did not make it to playoffs, still showed that he was quite an asset for the team.

Peyton is currently recovering from nerve surgery and although he has the ability to come back as good as before, it is questionable when this may be. A former NFL player, Marcellus Wiley, was hosted on Mike and Mike at ESPN and described his recovery from a nerve surgery as frustrating and all of a sudden one day you’re all the way back to where you were before. Peyton has been said to have spent time with his college coach, David Cutliffe who is now at Duke, because his former offensive coordinator from University of Tennessee would be a better judge at how Peyton is throwing now compared to previously. Rumors are now adrift as to where the quarterback will sign if he doesn’t return to the Colts.

The question is will Colts take the chance that Peyton will come back as the former powerhouse he has been to help them reach a championship for the upcoming season. With Colts up as first pick in the draft they will surely choose Andrew Luck should they decide to not keep Peyton, or even if they do keep Peyton. Luck is a prime prospect for the team, however him leading the team to a championship in his first season is questionable. If Peyton does fully recover and the Colts keep him on, is Luck willing to sit out playing for a few seasons until Peyton retires? It has been mentioned that Luck could exercise his right to sit out a round to keep from being drafted by the Colts if Peyton is brought back as quarterback until next year to ensure he gets playing time as soon as he is drafted.

This is sure to be a topic on everyone’s mind as the draft draws near, but how will Indianapolis fans feel if Peyton is replaced by Luck? Understanding because they want a chance at the Super Bowl and they know it is up in the air with Peyton’s recovery? Or angry at losing one of America’s sweethearts?

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