Will the Tide Bleed Red and Black?

October 3, 2015, Alabama’s Crimson Tide will be entering the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium as the underdog in one of the most anticipated football games the SEC has seen.

Alabama and Georgia fans have some unfinished business regarding the real titleholders of the SEC championship title after the heated game back in 2012, when Georgia lost 32-28 with only seconds left in the fourth quarter.


Alabama has only continued to dominate the SEC up until a recent event.

Yes, the rumors are true.

The Crimson Tide’s streak has come to an unforeseen end after losing to the University of Mississippi, resulting in the final score of 43-37 on Alabama’s turf. What does this mean? The University of Alabama’s victorious football team will officially be the underdog for the upcoming game against the University of Georgia.

The Tide hasn’t been the underdog in a football game since 2009, dating back to their victorious game against Florida, resulting in the shocking 32-12 victory after being a 4.5-point underdog to Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer.

The debate over the projections of the final score has been nothing short than heated. According to VegasInsider.com, Georgia No. 8 has a 2-point favor over No. 13 Alabama. Covers.com has Georgia a 1.5-point favorite while Oddshark.com assumes the game even.

Being a Georgia Bulldog fan myself, I can’t deny the unbearable heartbreak I felt along with thousands of other Georgia fans when we barely lost in 2012. I also can’t hide that I will be more than ecstatic to wear the victory if the bulldogs come out on top this Saturday; especially after the Alabama fans had no mercy when rubbing it in our faces.

I can be an ignorant, obnoxious fan if want, but the reality is both teams are capable of a win. Who will conquer the win is the inevitable question we are all waiting to be answered in Sanford Stadium this Saturday in Athens.

Alabama’s biggest advantage is of course, it’s mastermind Nick Saban. Since Nick’s entrance back in 2007, The Crimson Tide has an official record of seven bowl game appearances with five victories, a share of five SEC Western Division titles, three SEC championships, and three national championships.

Many people are questioning if Saban will be able to keep his composure and not allow his last loss to hang on his shoulders. Nick will have to deal with the knowledge of entering a long awaited game as the underdog while facing an undefeated team. Can Nick keep his cool? Or will his nerves and anger get the best of him enabling his coaching performance? Because lets face it, we all know a big winner like Nick doesn’t take losing very well.


On the other hand, Georgia’s biggest advantage is hosting the game on their turf. The entire stadium will be filled with thousands of loud Georgia fans covered in red, which was recently decided when Mark Richt announced the game will be a red out.

Although Georgia has the home field advantage, the Bulldogs must not become over confident leading to an under-prepared team. Mark must also be careful by not placing too much pressure on his star athlete, Nick Chubb, ensuring he isn’t over-played and worn out.

Well, only time will tell what is to come this Saturday in Athens leaving us to wonder: will the Crimson Tide bleed red and black?

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