WWE in College Football?


OSU S&C Coach Tackles Fan

Click the link to watch the video, Via Lantern TV YouTube channel.

Go ahead, play it a few times, soak it in. It’s an great clip if you ignore the probable broken ribs the student suffered.

We see fans run onto the field all the time in every sport, they inevitably get caught by some security guard and are led off the field triumphantly pumping their fists in celebration of wasting everyone’s time. The TV networks rightly always pan away to avoid giving the offenders the attention they’re seeking, but some budding videographer usually catches their fate on camera. In this case the game was Ohio State against Cincinnati, the runner was a OSU fan, and the enforcer of discipline was the OSU strength and conditioning coach (and former OSU linebacker) Anthony Schlegel.

As you can see from the video, the fan did not get far before Schlegel caught up to him and delivered what I believe in pro wrestling circles is called a “rock bottom.” At first look you might think, “Yeah this is just some jerk kid running onto the field getting what he deserved in pretty spectacular fashion.” Which is true, completely valid and also my personal opinion. There is however the other side of the issue which is that Schlegel is a coach on the football team, not a security guard, and that he performed a very dangerous takedown on a student at the university of his employment. What Schlegel did was not wrong persay but there are serious questions about professionalism and excessive force that can be raised. The fan was not resisting, so the tackle was not strictly necessary. On the other hand these runners are often tackled by security, so that may be a non-issue.

My two cents is that the kid knew he would get caught and probably roughed up when he ran onto the field, so he had it coming. It is not the coach’s responsibility to take care of these runners, but it is also understandable that Schlegel got angry and took care of it himself. I do not think it was a good idea and he may receive some sort of reprimand or small punishment from the university (though I doubt it), but to the people on YouTube, Twitter, BleacherReport etc. calling for his firing or for the kid to sue him I say this: If you don’t want the sleeping bear to perform WWE wrestling moves on you, don’t interrupt his football game. I think that’s how the saying goes anyway.

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